Business and Financial Advisory

Asset Management Advisory
Financing and Business Promotion

Estate and Wealth Transfer

Business Succession
Wealth Transfer to the next generations

Training and Education

Organizing Family Meetings
Ensuring family education commitments
Coordination of generational education


Investment Management Services -
Wealth Preservation

Evaluation and Assessments
Investment Objectives
Asset Allocation
 Risk and Liquidity Management

Philanthropic Management

Setup, planning and due diligence of Foundation and Trust

Life Management and Budgeting

Concierge and budgeting services


Reporting and Record keeping

Maintenance of records
Ensuring a strong reporting culture

Administrative Services

Payment of invoices and taxes, arranging tax compliance
Opening Bank accounts
Running operative companies
Legal and Compliance services

Succession Planning

Planning for future generations
SWOT Analysis
Implementation of intergenerational estate transfer plan
Adoption of a family charter/constitution


Tax and Legal Advisory

Tax planning
Tax implications on investment and non-investment income sources
We ensure that all parts of the family office services are tax compliant

Compliance and Regulatory Assistance

Compliance with regulations pertaining to investments, assets
and business operations

Risk Management and Insurance Services

Risk monitoring
Assessment of insurance requirements and policy acquisitions
Evaluation of existing policies and of security options
Hedging of asset classes
Physical security and Data security
Social media policy and reputation management strategy